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As a Kirkham.IT client, you have a Virtual Chief Information Officer. The common acronym is vCIO. The longer form is often “What the Heck is That?”

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), Kirkham.IT, provides IT services which remotely manage and assume responsibility for providing specifically defined services to clients. Kirkham.IT proactively determines the services needed to meet client-specific goals.


Hardware Acquisition and Planning

Through this unique vCIO engagement, we consult on strategic management issues usually reserved exclusively for corporate ownership teams. We provide expertise and data seldom, if ever, available to in-house IT personnel. Much like a conventional in-house non-IT CIO, our duties as your vCIO include formulating strategic IT goals, planning the IT budget, analyzing and updating business, technology processes and changes, to name a few.


Performance and Help Desk Reporting

As your vCIO, we help clients maintain their IT infrastructure — keeping then up and running — but can also provide input toward growth services. For example, a vCIO can work with clients to plan and identify IT opportunities to use new technology tools.


Issue Mitigation Response

The flip side of this is our responsibility to be aware of and respond appropriately before the client is aware the issue is present. This interaction is vital to the relationship established as vCIO.  An example of such response could be an issue relative to the client’s consideration of new IT tools and innovations that, as vCIO, Kirkham.IT would weigh in as to whether or not this is within the scope of the client’s actual needs and best practice interests. A client may want a new technology, but as a prudent vCIO, Kirkham.IT would not permit the introduction of that technology into the client’s system.

One example of such an introduction is referred to as Shadow IT. This name aptly describes a nebulous and imprecise IT application and/or infrastructure 
that employees bring in or use without the authorization 
or knowledge of the business IT department. Through help desk reporting and issue mitigation response, Kirkham.IT handles this as a trusted vCIO.


Management Level Business Relationship

Some of the qualities and benefits your business receives from partnering with Kirkham.IT is that your business receives the benefits of a vCIO having the ability to:

  • Fully understand your IT systems and link them to your business objectives,
  • Grasp IT project planning, management, and budget requirements,
  • Maintain a high level of understanding and insight into technology trends and innovations,
  • Know when cutting edge technologies are not just cost effective for your business; but to know the difference as to whether implementation is the safe choice for your business, and
  • Make your IT budget function as a proven business investment.

Kirkham.IT provides your business with a vCIO partner with solutions that allow you to restructure your IT expenses into true, proven business investments.

What does this mean to you?

IT solutions the Kirkham.IT Way provid you total peace of mind through this unique vCIO management engagement. You immediately feel the sense of partnership this expertise provides as you begin exploring the full potential of your business in a world where the competitive edge of your success balances on the cutting edge of Information Technology.

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