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World Class IT

Kirkham.IT, the IT Managed Service Provider, offers your business Total Cloud, the world-class IT cloud service, where you immediately see and feel the difference. You’re propelled into a future where you explore the full potential of your business and discover that the competitive edge of your success balances on the cutting edge of Information technology.


Enterprise-Class Technologies

Total Cloud allows access to enterprise-class technologies without the significant expenses your business would incur if you had a full in-house IT operations department. Total Cloud also allows businesses to get their applications running quicker, with better manageability and decreased maintenance. Whether your workforce is in an office or on the road, Total Cloud enables your business to connect and collaborate efficiently.

Technology is a complex thing, and it continues to be a crucial aspect of your business being able to become and remain more competitive and profitable – especially for small to mid-sized businesses. Business owners realize that having an IT Managed Service Provider they trust is a strategically sound business decision. While operating and maintaining in-house IT staff could be a good option for some businesses, many others who have strategic, forward-thinking goals do better with the right IT Managed Service Provider. Kirkham.IT also provides management expertise as your Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to participate with your business management by providing strategic and tactical financial input from the IT perspective.


Leverage IT Dollars Into a Proven Business Investment

Companies who outsource their IT infrastructure to Kirkham.IT Total Cloud save time, frustration, money—and better leverage their IT dollars by re-routing past IT expenses into proven business investments. Our clients are able to obtain the infrastructure needed to meet their challenging business demands at a predictable budget allocation based on the number of users on the platform. Gone are the capital expenses and headaches associated with maintaining an IT infrastructure, and the challenge of scaling the environment to meet changing business requirements. Total Cloud delivers the tactical, day-to-day performance and continuity you need so you can focus on the more strategic initiatives that add value to your business.

Advantage of outsourcing to Kirkham.IT Total Cloud:

  • Eliminate most capital expenses related to your technology infrastructure
  • Flexibility and to grow quickly or downsize if needed
  • A team of experienced experts rather than just one IT staff member.
  • 24-7 availability, we don’t take time off
  • Predictable budgeting with no surprises
  • More secure than on-premise infrastructures

Investopedia’s definition of IT Infrastructure:


“Many technical systems are often referred to as infrastructure, such as networking 
equipment and servers,
due to the critical function they provide within 
certain business environments. Without the information technology (IT) infrastructure, 
many businesses struggle to share and move data in a way that promotes efficiency within the workplace.
If IT infrastructure fails, many business functions cannot be performed.”


Benefits to Your Business

Total Cloud the Kirkham.IT Way is your solution to
 providing these benefits to your business with Total Cloud Solutions. The Kirkham.IT Way provides:

  • Hardware refresh that relieves these past capital expenses into a proven business investment;
  • Unlimited data storage;
  • Your business with the solutions that allow your employees to work with total mobility, anywhere, anytime on any device;
  • 24/7 unlimited support, anywhere, any time on any device so that your employees and your business stay productive;
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity is approached by integrating your operating system, data and applications into virtual servers that allow your business to become completely site and device independent;
  • Security, utilizing enterprise level anti-malware and anti-spam, to provide active monitoring and intrusion detection;
  • Software maintenance to ensure stability of your software applications and system enhancements, and to provide the implementation, adding, maintaining or patching any business line software your business is using;
  • Software licenses (Dedicated Exchange, SQL, File Server) and Windows and Office; internet fees and management of your relationship with your internet service provider.

What does this mean to you?

Total Cloud, the Kirkham.IT Way provides you total peace of mind. You immediately see and feel the difference as you begin exploring the full potential of your business in a world where the competitive edge of your success balances on the cutting edge of Information Technology.

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