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The Kirkham.IT Way brings security to the forefront whether your business utilizes our On-Premise, Hybrid or Total Cloud solutions.


Multi-Layered Security

Multi-layered security is one of our approaches to security that combines multiple mitigating security controls to protect resources and data.  This approach bears some similarity to military defensive strategy featuring multiple defensive layers that are designed to slow down an attacker. The military calls this deep defense or defense in depth. The goal is slowing an attack and causing enemy casualties. For every category of threat, the Kirkham.IT Way uses an effective control to mitigate the threat based on enterprise level layered security strategy.


DNS Management and Filtering

DNS management and filtering provides intervention to reduce human error in managing the way DNS records are stored. We handle this so our clients receive the best possible service.


Anti-Virus Protection

Anti-virus protection software maintenance ensures up-to-date protection against the latest security threats. You don’t have to worry about keeping anti-malware and anti-spam up-to-date. We use enterprise level security software for your protection. We ensure the stability of our client’s software applications and IT systems and provide system enhancements. We have the ability to implement, add, maintain or patch any business line software you may have.


Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication proves to your computer, device or system that you are who you say you are. You might say your greeting is based upon a secret hand shake or the ability to conduct a predetermined conversation, much like author Robert Ludlum might have devised. Multi-factor authentication is based on that same premise; an unauthorized intruder is unlikely to be able to supply the factors required for access. If, in an authentication attempt, at least one of the components is missing or supplied incorrectly, the intruder’s identity is not established and access, or communication, remains blocked.

This sophistication of identifying the user could depend upon some physical object in the possession of the user, such as a USB stick with a secret token, a bank card, or a key. Other components could include secrets known only to the user such as a password, PIN, TAN, etc. In some instances, complexity of identification could drill down into bio-metrics where such physical characteristics as the user’s iris, voice and other subconscious pattern and rhythm changes, are brought into action (think stressed and unstressed). The range is broad and unique, integral components of the client’s total security management requirements.

Spam and Virus Email Filtering

Spam and virus email filtering is end-user focused on any device as more and more businesses are recognizing the huge economic benefits that come with increased employee mobility. We assist with configuring mail service for iPhones, smart phones, remote access for any device, on or off premises and other devices and gadgets that may be beneficial to increasing your employee and overall business productivity.     


What does this mean to you? 

On-Premise, Hybrid or Total Cloud solutions the Kirkham.IT Way provides you total peace of mind with enterprise level security. You immediately feel the sense of freedom this security provides as you begin exploring the full potential of your business in a world where the competitive edge of your success balances on the cutting edge of Information Technology.

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