With the Right Technology, Anything is Possible



Kirkham.IT is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) providing specifically defined services that remotely manage and assume responsibility for providing IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems or services to clients. Kirkham.IT proactively, and in accordance to their own best practices policies and procedures, determines the services needed to meet client-specific goals, and provides these services and infrastructure under a subscription business model.


On-Premise Solutions

Your business may not be ready for Kirkham.IT Total Cloud, but you’re more than ready for a more traditional, best practices On-Premise system.  Nearly every business, whether to satisfy insurance requirements or regulations under which they function has conducted a business impact analysis to predict the consequences of disruption of business or of a specific business function.  Protecting your business against disaster disruption, loss of IT data and the loss of business continuity is a solid business investment. The consequences of choosing not to make this investment could be a staggering cost to your own business as well as to your clients’ and customers’ businesses and lives. On-Premise IT services the Kirkham.IT Way can be your solution.


Hybrid Solutions

Many small to midsize businesses find themselves in the unique position of requiring services which go beyond On-Premise services, but not yet Total Cloud solutions. By incorporating specific technologies, systems and strategies to meet these business requirements, the Kirkham.IT Way constructs a customized Hybrid system configured to your business.

  • Don’t think your desktop computers belong in the cloud? Think again! Computers communicate and perform at the best of their ability when they are operating in an optimized environment. This may come as a bit of a shock, but computers cannot thrive under your hot, dirty and cluttered desk. It’s time to take your desktop computers that are sitting in a decentralized setup and give them an optimized condition to perform.  Allowing Kirkham.IT to host your company desktops provides your employees with a desktop that looks and behaves exactly like a regular desktop PC, but the software traditionally located on your desktop is housed and managed in our secure data centers. Allowing Kirkham.IT to host your desktops in our data centers means they operate with a sufficient amount of bandwidth, power and environmental controls.
  • What about your data? Data is the lifeblood of your organization. Protecting and securing vital information is one of the most challenging responsibilities a business owner faces. How are you protecting your data right now?
  • When did you hear the latest ransomware warning? Ransomware does more than encrypt your business data and ask for money to unlock it; your business can be infected and, in the least, crippled.  Ransomware may linger benignly and then, without warning, instantly grab your system, encrypt your spreadsheets, pictures, quickbooks, everything, all your live data you use day to day to run your business is useless. You are effectively shut down. In addition to Kirkham.IT multi-layered security, effective backups act as the last line of defense against ransomware.


What does this mean to you? 

On-Premise, Hybrid or the Total Cloud Solutions the Kirkham.IT Way provide you total peace of mind. You immediately see and feel the difference as you begin exploring the full potential of your business in a world where the competitive edge of your success balances on the cutting edge of Information Technology.

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