Managed malware protection is part of our relentless commitment to protect our clients with state-of-the art services as your Managed Service Provider.

Wrapping proactive IT security around your business with Strongarm.

With the right technology, anything is possible. Without getting too deep into technology, here are some of the things that will be happening to protect you, your business and your employees and users.

  • managed malware protectionThe attackers are being watched. Whatever the attackers, they are being watched as they set themselves upon the internet. Be it phishing sites, hacking websites and adding exploits, or malware command and control, Strongarm is constantly watching. By aggregating data from technology partners and open sources and curating a set of their own data, Strongarm gets ahead of the attackers.
  • managed malware protectionBy monitoring outbound DNS requests and correlating this against aggregated intelligence, Strongarm stops your company’s systems from talking to malicious infrastructure. When a connection to a bad domain is identified trying to leave your network, the DNS resolver returns Strongarm’s blackhole address instead of the attacker’s. The victim system communicates with Strongarm instead of the attacker, effectively disarming the attack.
  • managed malware protectionStrongarm speaks to your users…and malware.  If your user clicks on a phishing link, they receive a shot of user education right where they would have been phished! This is a real win, as there’s nothing for you to do to respond. In the case of malware or ransomware, this doesn’t just block an infection and drop the connection. Strongarm “speaks malware,” meaning they can interrogate the infected host to gather valuable information, such as who the victims (machines) were and whether there is a “poison pill” to destroy it. This is what makes this managed malware protection different from all other DNS providers and security solutions: Turning the attack against itself to protect your business.
  • managed malware protectionStrongarm’s got your back.  When an attack is stopped, the work has just begun. As soon as an attack has been stopped, Strongarm begins triaging what’s happened. Using the their discussion feature, Strongarm will tell you what kind of an attack has happened, what the attacker’s goal was, and recommend how you can respond.Sometimes it’s simply having a conversation with a user. Sometimes it’s cleaning malware off of a workstation. Sometimes it’s verifying your systems are patched against the attack we stopped. Working together, we’ll keep your users safe.
  • managed malware protectionWhy DNS-Based Security Works. By watching DNS requests and not focusing on the network traffic, Strongarm is not blind to encrypted traffic, peer-peer traffic, and other tactics that hackers use to get past firewalls and antivirus. One of the benefits of Managed Service Provider care through Kirkham.IT is that we’re going to help find those nasty little bugs and other creatures and keep them picked out.

Managed malware protection and your Managed  Service Provider.

Kirkham.IT is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) providing services that remotely manage and provides IT infrastructure for their clients, tailored to reach each client’s objectives.