"We're Going to Hit the System Hard"

It is the busiest tax season we’ve ever had, and everything is clicking!

Time does not equal money. One cannot acquire more time, but one can acquire more money.

I thought of this when I read this Facebook post from one of our clients: [Melanie Radcliff, Radcliff CPA]:

This is a shout out and a big thank you to Kirkham Systems. We are having the busiest tax season we have ever had, eight computers, two printers, lots of software. And it’s all clicking perfectly.

A deadline. April 15th. Radcliff’s clients were trusting them to meet the deadline AND save them money on their taxes. Hundreds of clients. That’s a big responsibility.

During the last week or so before the deadline, Melanie warned me that they were going to “hit the system hard.” My reply was not to worry, it won’t break, but if you see it get slower than you need, we’ll fix that too.

We didn’t need to. We had already put in place fast, efficient PCs, moved some of the technology to the cloud, and systematically improved the components of their network to perform reliably and at peak efficiency.

That is kinda our thing.

Our terrific staff lives and breathes improving client’s networks every single day. They don’t sit back and wait for something to break; they tweak something here and there, or change a piece of equipment with something much faster. They proactively manage the technology to speed up the business, or protect it from an outage. We always remember that technology is a tool, not an end to itself. We manage proven, cutting-edge systems, and we make sure the knife is always sharp.

It’s easy to quantify when fast, reliable computers and networking allows your business to meet important deadlines, but many businesses overlook the speed and reliability component in day-to-day activities.

It is just as important. Fast, reliable technology makes your staff happy. That in turn makes your customers happy. And, efficiency makes your bottom line happy.

Which brings us back to time. Highly profitable businesses with happy colleagues and customers create more time for everyone to spend doing the things they truly love. Whether that means improving your business instead of reacting to issues, or building more leisure time in your life, that is up to you.

Just remember this: Kirkham Systems takes the stress out of technology.

An Office Machine Supplier Turns to Kirkham Systems for Peace of Mind

An Office Machine Supplier Turns to Kirkham Systems for Peace of Mind

Wight Office Machines knows technology is a vital part of their company. They started looking for an IT company they could trust to handle the management of their systems. Kirkham Systems was happy to jump onboard and was able to bring their current IT environment up to standards.

Implementing solid IT systems and maintaining a presence on the web is important in today’s business world, however, without suitable IT support services, achieving these goals could become very a big challenge.

The Situation: A Need for Reliable & Personalized IT Support!

“We sell Kyocera, Samsung, and Okidata MFP black and white and color copiers. We also install networks for printing, scanning, and faxing to these devices. Technology is imperative for us to operate.” says Mike Wight, President of Wight Office Machines.

Already familiar with them, Wight Office Supplies knew that Kirkham Systems does what they say they are going to do. They were aware of the knowledge, skills, trust, reliability, and flexibility that they have to offer – and it was exactly what they needed.

The Solution: A Dedicated Support Team That Gets How They Work!

Kirkham Systems assessed the condition of the IT environment Wight Office Machines had to work with. Immediately they began making improvements, including:

  • Implementing automation software (e-automate)
  • Implementing SQL Server for the automation software
  • Getting them off DOS-based applications
  • Implementing Exchange server
  • Providing backup and disaster recovery (including offsite backup)
  • Implementing computers throughout the company
  • Providing spam filtering
  • Implementing multi-layered security (Umbrella; Endpoint AV)
  • Providing remote access for branch office, including remote printing

When asked what he appreciates most out of what Kirkham Systems does for them, Wight says “Dedication to stay with the problem until resolved, and offering solutions for our network.”

The Outcome: Dependable Services & Technology for Peace of Mind! 

Since working with Kirkham Systems, Wight says “fast, prompt, reliable service” keeps them working together. They benefit from Kirkham System’s willingness to work hours that fit their schedule, as well as how they come up with solutions that fit their company.

When asked what he would say about Kirkham Systems to someone looking to outsource their IT services, Wight beams, “Best in the River Valley and beyond!”

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A Financial Services Firm Trusts Kirkham Systems to Help Them Rebuild Their Infrastructure and Regain Control

A Financial Services Firm Trusts Kirkham Systems to Help Them Rebuild Their Infrastructure and Regain Control

When Radcliff Financial Group, Inc. went searching for a company to help them keep up with their growing business, and gain control of their hardware and software, Kirkham Systems was “the most consistently recommended.” Kirkham Systems came in and was able to provide all of the services and support necessary for them to continue growing and reaching goals.

When companies begin growing, they run into problems with information technology because they very quickly begin outgrowing the capabilities of their current (and possibly original) IT setup and support.

The Situation: An Expanding Business with No Control Over its Hardware and Software!

As a full service financial investment firm with lots of moving parts, software platforms, and many different computers, it’s not hard to see where a helping hand might be required. Along with this, problems like software malfunctions, no centralized data storage, and no regular maintenance, made Radcliff Financial Group, Inc. seek out and select Kirkham Systems as their fix for this poor original design and network installation.

Melanie Radcliff, CPA, Financial Advisor, and Founder of Radcliff Financial Group, Inc. explained, “Basically, we didn’t have any control over our hardware and software. We had no people on staff that had the skills to keep everything running; and at the pace that my business was growing, that was an unworkable situation.”

The Solution: Rebuilt IT Infrastructure and Extraordinary Client Service to Keep Their Day to Day Business Flowing.

Kirkham worked on an “unworkable” situation and made some changes, including:

  • Installation of a windows network with a domain controller and centralized data storage.
  • Maintenance and continuous monitoring put in place.
  • Multi-layered security put in place to protect client data.

Radcliff states, “They take care of all of the hardware, all the software, all of the little morning messages, and things that we don’t understand. They have remade the infrastructure of my business.”

She continues, “During tax season, one night at 4:00 in the morning, I’m working on a tax return and my tax software goes down. I immediately emailed and within 5 minutes somebody was there remote connecting into my computer and got me back up and running within about 15 minutes… That’s extraordinary service!”

The Outcome: A Full Service Financial Services Firm That’s Able to Work without Disruption

Since making the decision to bring in Kirkham Systems, Radcliff Financial Group, Inc. has experienced significant benefits. With a new server network implemented, full computer setups, and excellent around the clock customer service, Radcliff says “Kirkham Systems has been extraordinary for me!”

With so many moving parts, it’s crucial to know they are all working constantly to maintain a flow, and Radcliff beams that “Kirkham Systems does an exceptional job making sure that happens.” and that she holds “a very high comfort level that they’re there for me when I need them in things that I don’t understand.”.

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