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Disaster Recovery

IT Disaster Recovery is an area of security planning involving specific types of backup intended to protect your business from the negative effects of significant disasters. Disaster recovery strategies, as well as business continuity planning, allow your business to maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions following a disaster.


Business Continuity

Business Continuity begins before, during and after an event wherein a proactive plan goes into action to avoid and mitigate risks associated with a disruptive event. Data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity go hand in hand to help protect the integrity of your business operations and the protection of your clients. Expensive?  Maybe, but as compared to what?

Nearly every business, whether to satisfy insurance requirements or regulations under which they function, has conducted a business impact analysis to predict the consequences of disruption of business, or to a specific business function.  Protecting your business against disaster disruption, loss of IT data and the loss of business continuity, is a solid, proven business investment. The consequences of choosing not to make this investment could become a staggering cost to your own business; as well as to your clients’ and to their own customers’ businesses and lives, as well.

More and more businesses are recognizing the huge economic benefits that come with increased employee mobility. In a situation involving business continuity after a disaster such as an earthquake, mobility all the time, anywhere and from any device is critical to business continuity. 


Data Backup and Ransomware Protection

Data backup procedures and ransomware protection protect the lifeblood of your organization—your data. Protecting and securing this vital information is one of the most challenging responsibilities a business owner faces.

Ransomware does more than encrypt your business data and ask for money to unlock it; your business can be infected and, in the least, crippled.  Ransomware may linger benignly and then, without warning, instantly grab your system, encrypt your spreadsheets, pictures, QuickBooks, everything, all your live data you use day to day to run your business is useless. You are effectively shut down. In addition to Kirkham.IT multi-layered security, effective backups act as the last line of defense against ransomware. How are you protecting your data right now?


What does this mean to you?

The Kirkham.IT Way provides you peace of mind by transforming reactive IT into a tactical relationship and proactive IT partnership. You immediately see and feel the difference when you have the assurance that you have implemented the right system, data and infrastructure backup management solution for your business. Explore the full potential of your business in a world where the competitive edge of your success balances on the cutting edge of Information Technology.

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