Your Computer Users’ Bad Habits Put Your Business In Danger

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018
10 am – 11 am CT

In 2014, IBM reported that, “over 95% of all [security] incidents investigated recognize ‘human error’ as a contributing factor.

Let that sink in a moment. This means that if you have a cyber incident, like ransomware, it is FAR more likely that a human being in your organization triggered it.

When companies focus their attention on solving what they think are technology problems with technology solutions, they’ll neglect to identify simple interventions that can help reduce the incidence of bad behaviors and promote good ones.

This is why we conduct training on social engineering exploits to keep our clients safer. Unfortunately, there are limits to just what technology is capable of doing. HBR says it best:

In the absence of fail-proof AI, human judgment is still needed to fill the gap between the capabilities of our security technologies and our security needs. But if human judgment isn’t perfect, and technology isn’t enough, what can companies do to reduce behavioral risks?

Training is the best way to protect users – and your company – from attacks that could potentially risk your entire company and it’s existence.

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Webinar Agenda

  • Security is a big business
  • Multi-layered approach to protection is required
  • Understanding and identifying social engineering tactics
  • How to manage credentials properly to stop  hackers in their tracks
  • Prevent your business from becoming a victim



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