Guide to Selecting an IT Service Provider

Guide to Selecting an IT Service Provider

So, we have this new thing. An ebook actually, that we think will help guide businesses in the right direction in selecting an IT Service Provider.

It’s not just the difference in “paying-as-you-go” versus a monthly fee. This manual discusses the whys and hows of these approaches as well as the differences amongst Managed Service Providers, and why it is important for a business to select the right service provider.

Click here to receive the ebook. It’s available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub formats.


How to Change IT Providers Without Causing a Scene

How to Change IT Providers Without Causing a Scene

Often, companies only switch providers when the situation has already gotten hairy. Concerns aren’t being addressed and expenses are high. There’s no need to wait for an IT disaster before making the transition to a new provider, especially if your current one is less than ideal.

But these tech-savvy geniuses have all of the company credentials and you’re not sure how to break it to them that you’re moving on. You can skip the flowers and candy. The process is easier than you might think.

Below is the nitty-gritty on migrating IT providers so that you can avoid the awkwardness and get back to optimal company efficiency.

Ask to see a comprehensive onboarding process.

You’re already experiencing recurring issues that disrupt your day-to-day business operations with your existing provider, whether it’s failed backups, frequent server crashes or something else entirely, so you don’t need any more headaches. An onboarding plan that lays out exactly how the new provider will bring in your account quickly and easily is required for a smooth transition. These onboarding plans should be old hat to the company you choose.

Have the new provider do the heavy lifting.

Experienced managed service providers know how to make the onboarding process seamless for everyone involved. Once credentials and documentation are provided, services should be up and running with minimal downtime and without exposing critical company data.

Make sure the cost of the new provider matches the benefits you will receive.

Increased response time is an essential element to selecting a new IT company. If an error occurs, you need to know your company will be protected and able to get back to business as soon as possible. Ask the provider to send relevant testimonials or a similar client’s contact info to make sure the claims made are accurate.

Receive an IT infrastructure that facilitates company innovations and growth.

Your IT partner needs to prioritize the issues that are crucial to your particular business operations. The provider should have a solid understanding of your environment, policies, procedures, employee and vendor networks, support agreements, documentation and more. Customized solutions are the best solutions.

With the right partner, you’ll find that change isn’t nearly as bad or scary as your current IT pains. Increased efficiency, decreased risk and a relationship that makes you feel comfortable is all worth the adjustment. IT support and custom security from an experienced managed service provider will protect your business, your clients and your employees with an ideal response time and your business goals in mind.

Kirkham Systems handles transitions quickly, easily and respectfully. Finally, discover reliable and responsive IT support with an onboarding process that is painless. Kirkham has you covered with business continuity, preventative maintenance, security, backups, and a great help desk. Browse our Managed IT Services to see if we’d be a good fit or contact us so we can help you make the switch.

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