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It is hard to believe we are three weeks into the New Year. Resolutions have been made – and broken – and progress made. What goals has your organization set for 2017? Is it culture-centric or does ‘growth’ have the thrown this year? No matter what your goals, the right technology is integral to cross the finish line. From staff communication tools to making sure a snow day never slows you down, having a plan in place makes all the difference.

Have you refreshed your passwords

Using WhatsApp? India has some questions about the privacy policy. 

All the security breaches from 2016.  2017 will only get worse.

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Is firming up client data a 2017 goal? Here are five signs their data is at risk.  

Ransomware: Should you pay or should you go

https: won’t always be secure.

Five Signs Client Data is at Risk

Five Signs Client Data is at Risk

Do you know if your company is digitally secure? Doctors, lawyers, architects, accountants and other professionals in private practice are targeted most often. Developments in security and information technology are constantly evolving, so it’s best to be proactive and implement security procedures before something goes wrong.

As an experienced professional, you already know that from basic credit card information to legal documents to medical records, highly sensitive client materials should be handled with the utmost care. You wouldn’t have made it this far without your concern for protecting clients. However, there may be ways you’re making client data more vulnerable than you realize.

Below are signs you may need to beef up your IT security:

1. You haven’t hedged the physical space of your office to cover devices and files.

This is the most straightforward of security issues but is no less important. Keeping your physical assets secure looks like having procedures in place for who has access to certain office areas and devices at any given time. It also looks like ensuring every internet-capable device is protected with strong passwords and, where applicable, separate servers.

2. There’s only one location for data storage.

Whether it’s nightly, once a week or monthly, back up your data often. Make sure your backup server is in an off-site, secure location. Backups are the lifeblood of security, and a bad backup is as good as no backup. They also need to be tested frequently to ensure they’re running smoothly.

3. Your office never updates its software or devices.

Maintain computers and data storage systems by updating antivirus software, operating systems, apps, plugins and browsers with the latest versions to eliminate potential threats. System security is an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring, evaluating and adjusting.

4. User access to client information hasn’t been limited.

Employees should only be able to see the minimum data required to function in their respective positions. Role-based security groups can be quickly set up with proper permissions for client and staff access. Remember to store sensitive client data in a place that’s separate from less sensitive documents. Plus, reviewing document sharing practices is always a good idea. End-to-end encryption and portals or temporary file 1 exchange options can add a lot of peace of mind.

5. There’s no plan of action for server failure, compromised servers or a security breach.

An experienced managed service provider will analyze your business plan and offer customized IT solutions for your particular needs. Implementing services like cloud backups, business continuity planning, network security and stabilization, vulnerability assessments and more should all be a part of the deal for the most comprehensive coverage.


You shouldn’t have to piece together data security on your own. You have enough on your plate. IT security from the right managed service provider will protect your business, your clients and your employees and will give you one less thing to worry about.

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Free Vulnerability Assessment

Free Vulnerability Assessment


As we start the New Year, Kirkham Systems will be offering FREE vulnerability assessments to 15 businesses and organizations from January 16 to February 15th. A vulnerability assessment assists businesses in identifying potential threats, weaknesses, and better make budgetary and training decisions. In 2017 businesses and individuals will need to be more vigilant than ever when protecting client data, detecting ransomware, and updating software. It is estimated that in 2016 the number of ransomware attacks increased by more than fivefold. Security breaches can be costly, time-consuming, and result in strained or compromised client relations.

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